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VIP LINER is Japan's leading operator of high-speed, intercity sleeper bus

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[period limitation] 1,000 points of T point presents campaign!
1,000 points of presents
Free of charge invites 500 people in 250 sets of large Thanksgiving Days!
Invitation free on Thanksgiving Day
VIP LINER + Dragon Warrior live spectacle tour
VIP LINER + Dragon Warrior live spectacle tour
We present clear file mechanical pencil with set! Student support campaign!
Student support campaign
Cosmetics & beauty household appliances rental-free becoming beautiful in Lounge
Cosmetics & beauty household appliances rental-free

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Service start that the T points are usable comfortable Highway bus "VIP LINER"

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Latest News

2016/06/27- [for August, 2016 news of release]
We started release for August, 2016.
We wait for reservation of all of you heartily.
2016/06/22- [about release start for August]
We start reservation receptionist for August at 17:00 on Monday, June 27.
We look forward to reservation of all of you.
News of 2016/06/20-T point maintenance
During Wednesday, June 22, 2016 from 0:00 a.m. to 6:00 by maintenance of T point,
The following operation is not available temporarily.

・Reservation that we use the T points
・VIP LINER use of T point procedure subscribing
・T point application after Get On of VIP LINER nonmember

※It may be mixed up at the maintenance end time.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would like.
2016/05/25- [for July, 2016 news of release]
We started release for July, 2016.
We wait for reservation of all of you heartily.
2016/05/20- [about release start for July]
We start reservation receptionist for July at 17:00 on Wednesday, May 25.
We look forward to reservation of all of you.
2016/04/19- [for June, 2016 news of release]
We started release for June, 2016.
We wait for reservation of all of you heartily.
2016/04/14- [about release start for June]
We start reservation receptionist for June at 17:00 on Tuesday, April 19.
We look forward to reservation of all of you.
2016/04/04- [news of diamond change]
Entry of buster Shinjuku, VIP villa Namba began on April 4.
As, with it, change reaches at the time, too; at time having room
We express wish to have you gather in Get On place.
Request of 2016/02/16- seat belt wearing
With giving first priority to security of visitor who is devoted to careful driving in VIP LINER, but has you take,
In addition to information for seat belt wearing from before, we will carry out visually confirming by Driver.
As seat belt in seat becomes wearing imposition; on Get On
Please wear attached seat belt.

Safety measures of VIP LINER

We carry out two times a year of medical examinations for Driver in VIP LINER. As for the details, please see health care of / Driver about approach of security.

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  • 1,000 points of presents campaign
  • Student support campaign
  • Girl trip VIP LINER woman is reliable, too
  • We come to VIPLOUNGE of Shizue Abe!
  • VIP LINER sight-seeing of chin yu
  • Family camping report
  • We came home! 500 yen one coin Seat
  • It is a 30-second walk from Oji, station!
  • Own play space two hours use plan Highway bus rate +500 yen
  • VIP air of search discount air ticket brief domestic discount air ticket
  • National hotels comparison search
  • VIP LOUNGE comfortable for Get On after Get Off
  • HUBcafeTOKYO
  • Under metropolitan bus whole-day pass / whole ticket favorable reception release managed by the capital
  • VIP LINER application
  • Grancia First
  • Under whole-day pass card sale for exclusive use of city bus
  • Furthermore, one step is advantageous; bus with bus, battery charger with trip advantageous outlet

VIP LINER offer intercity, high-speed passenger buses that run at night. Reserve your next bus with us! Special "VIP LOUNGE" service is available for our passenger at the destination. It's a great service for passangers looking to take a quick break or get dressed before or after riding our bus.
A lot of consideration that bus of VIP LINER including Ladies only can be idle!

VIP LINER is high speed carryall (passenger bus) which HEISEI ENTERPRISE, Inc. runs.
Mainly on night coach, we cover all Tokyo ⇔ Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo ⇔ Nagoya, each major city of Tokyo ⇔ Hitoshi Kanazawa, and there is Seat-Designation by simple net reservation if it is our site.
Including waiting room "VIP Lounge which is available in front and behind Get On," Ladies only, Private Curtain, Memory Foam Seat, guide of simultaneous, reclining at the time of going to bed carry out visitor-oriented service and promise trip of reliable, comfortable bus.
In addition, by introduction of with TV seen in first class of airplane, Electric Back-Shell Seat, you can spend more comfortable time.

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