①Relax & Travel

Taking a nightbus is one of the recommended transportations for your trip in Japan as it will save your money and time. As nightbuses will take off at night and will take you to your destination during your sleep, you will save much time and feel refreshed when you get off at your desired place the next morning.
Have a good sleep on board and feel refreshed the next day!


②Have covered the major cities of Japan

VIP LINER has been running to and fro between the major cities of Japan such as Tokyo ⇔ Osaka/Kyoto,
Tokyo ⇔ Nagoya, Tokyo ⇔ Toyama/Kanazawa, Tokyo ⇔ Kawaguchiko, Nagoya ⇔ Takayama/Shirakawa-go. Direct buses to popular attractions such as Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studio Japan are also available. Visit our official website where seat selection is possible for some buses.


③Comfortable surroundings

VIP LINER provides Female-only buses, private curtains, low-elasticity seats, Wi-Fi, charging facility, electric back-shell seat which is usually used in first-class plane, in-car announcement of "Recline the seats all at once" for your bedtime, and amenities, with a consideration for you to have a more comfortable trip with best qualities.



VIP LINER has established serviced waiting rooms in some major cities for customers to spend time comfortably before boarding and after arrvial. In each lounge, free Wifi, free drinks, powder room, fitting room, rental service of cosmetics and beauty appliances, and other paid services, are available.

ery comfortable

Special feature of VIP LINER
"Recline the seats all at once"

Of all available services of VIP LINER, "Recline the seats all at once" is the one that the customers love the most. It is an in-car announcement service for all the passengers to recline their seats fully flat at the same time. The purpose of this service is for all the passengers to be able to recline their seats without having to worry about the person at the back.

In-car facilities

Not only there are Wi-Fi, charging-facility available buses, there is also a blanket, for every passenger, which is big enough to cover your full body. The blanket is also thick enough to keep you warm and make you fall asleep soundly even in cold winter.

Easy Online Reservation

Reservations can be made easily online. Make a reservation on our official website and you will be able to select your desired seat for some buses.
Check out the detailed process from making a reservation to boarding/arrvial on「User Guide」page on our website.

Extraordinary waiting room

VIP LINER has established the serviced waiting room「VIP LOUNGE」in major cities, such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Namba, with the consideration to provide our customers a place where you could feel safe waiting for the bus until boarding time during the night. Like an airport lounge, VIP LOUNGE also provides free services such as free drinks, Wi-Fi, charging spots inside the facility. There are also other services such as powder room, shower(paid service), etc., are available. Most of our customers usually use the facility to kill time before boarding and after arrival.

Try cosmetics of luxury brands

Powder room, which is known as a special feature of VIP LOUNGE, has facial cleanser, lotion, hair dryer and straightener provided in every seat available. As there is also free rental service of cosmetics and beauty appliances, feel free to ask for one at the reception desk.

※Check out the detailed process from making a reservation to boarding/arrival on 「User Guide」page on our website.

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No more anxiety for getting lost, as the boarding points of VIP LINER in major cities are easy to find!