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VIP LINER is Japan's leading operator of high-speed, intercity sleeper bus

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Important news
On VIP LINER and VIP tour, ⾏ is realization shiyo - ︕ on trip that we wanted to see
On VIP LINER and VIP tour, ⾏ is realization shiyo - ︕ on trip that we wanted to see
Reason to choose VIP LINER even if slightly high
Reason to choose VIP LINER even if slightly high
VIP Lounge Official application delivery start!
VIP Lounge Official application delivery start!
New line Nagoya - Takayama, Shirakawa-go flight service start of VIP LINER!
Guidance of Nagoya - Takayama, Shirakawa-go flight new road line
VIP LINER Kawaguchiko service starts without transfer to Kawaguchiko northern coast from Tokyo!
To new line Kawaguchiko!
"Mariya Takeuchi X YAMAZAKI Mali" Mariya karuta GO lapping bus is running!
"Mariya Takeuchi X YAMAZAKI Mali" lapping bus is running!
Press Releases
We can use "Paidy" as the new settlement means in Highway bus "VIP LINER"
Offer of Free Wi-Fi is started by VIP LINER and sightseeing bus which HEISEI ENTERPRISE, Inc. operates
Service start that VIP LINER, the T points are usable

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What's New

2021/05/31 - [for July, 2021 announcement of release]
We started the release for July, 2021.
※About some flights, we sell after the adjustment. We would like to have you understand beforehand.
2021/05/24 - [about the release start for July, 2021]
We start receptionist making a reservation for July, 2021 at 17:00 on Monday, May 31.
※About some flights, we sell after the adjustment. We would like to have you understand beforehand.
We look forward to making your reservation.
About 2021/05/11 - Osaka VIP Lounge, VIP villa Namba business hours change
Osaka VIP Lounge and VIP villa Namba,
We change business hours as follows for the time being from May 12, 2021.

Osaka VIP Lounge
Weekdays 6:30-10:00/20:00-23:30
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, holiday 6:30-11:00/13:00-23:30

VIP villa Namba

In addition, use of powder room and break after getting off VIP villa Namba,
Please use the other facilities [HOSTEL wasabi Osaka Bed with Library]. For more information:
I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding.
2021/04/27 - [for June, 2021 announcement of release]
We started the release for June, 2021.
※About some flights, we sell after the adjustment. We would like to have you understand beforehand.
About mask wearing such as members of 2020/01/30 - Driver, receptionist
Thank you very much for always using VIP LINER.

About coronavirus-related correspondence new in us
Because customer uses in peace,
Member of Driver and receptionist may wear mask.

In addition, as bus inside of car space sanitization locates sequentially, too,
We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation for the infection prevention.
About space, facilities in the car
Safety measures of VIP LINER
We conduct a physical examination two times a year for all our bus crew. For details, please check Safety Measures and Crew's Health Care

Choose Bus from Seat Type


Electric Back-Shell Seat

It is seat of 3seat-row independent type to be electrically operated, and to recline.


Deluxe Seat

Seat pace of about 115cm.
The finest relaxation.


Memory Foam Seat

Our original Seat which incorporated low-elasticity material.


Electric Back-Shell Seat

It is seat of 4seat-row type to be electrically operated, and to recline.


Comfy Reclining Seat

As distance with front and back is preferred to normal standard seat, step is comfortable relaxedly.


Standard Seat

4 seat-row like any other sightseeing bus.

Special Promotion

We see Special Information more
  • VIP Lounge Official application delivery start!
  • It is aroma by fragrant bus experience bus
  • Oneself is esthetician
  • VIP LINER baggage delivery service
  • Furthermore, one step is advantageous; bus with bus, battery charger with trip advantageous outlet
  • For "more convenience VIP LINER! New notice Kanayama Station north exit bus stop of bus stop, Tadashi Kanayama THU bus stop, Shinkiba bus stop
  • VIP LINER chat bot service start
  • Application that is VIP
  • Video appreciation is possible with own smartphone ♪ Wi-Fi VOD service
  • VIP LOUNGE comfortable for Get On after the Get Off
  • Japan.hands free travel
  • Let's go out in Highway bus VIP LINER! Osaka recommended tourist attraction
  • Cat president and women's trip to go for
  • Female trip VIP LINER woman is reliable, too
  • Examinee, job hunting straight support campaign
  • -- >
  • We came home! 500 yen one coin Seat
  • It is a 30-second walk from Oji, station!
  • Plan Highway bus rate +700 yen with comics cafe man baud two hours
  • National hotels comparison search
  • We visit VIPLOUNGE of Shizue Abe!
  • VIP LINER sight-seeing of chin yu
  • Grancia First
  • Under whole-day pass card sale for exclusive use of city bus
  • Visit to Japan foreigner and one-day bus tour to enjoy
  • Nine secrets that VIP LINER is chosen as
  • Feelings to VIP liner Seat!

Highway bus, night coach is VIP LINER! A luxuriously comfortable VIP LINER doesn't cost a lot and ensures sleep!
Fully furnished with VIP lounges with powder rooms available at both departure and arrival.

High speed carryall (passenger bus) VIP LINER which HEISEI ENTERPRISE, Inc. runs has high-quality Highway bus, night coach.
For the sake of a pleasant trip, we equip every VIP LINER bus with high quality reclining seats with memory foam and a built-in monitor, just like on first-class seats on airplanes. Women-exclusive busses, private curtain, Wi-Fi on-board, and charging equipment, are also a given.

VIP LINER covers Tokyo ⇔ Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo ⇔ Nagoya, Tokyo ⇔ Kanazawa, major cities including Nagoya ⇔ Takayama, Shirakawa-go of Japan, and direct flight to popularity spot including Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan prepares, too.
The surprisingly cheap price for traveling is merely 2400 yen for Tokyo ⇔ Osaka/Kyoto, 2100 yen for Tokyo ⇔ Nagoya, 3000 yen for Tokyo ⇔ Aoyama/Kanazawa, and 2000 yen for Nagoya ⇔ Hida-Takayama.
Furthermore, VIP LINER has VIP Lounges situated in every major city for use before and after the bustrip. You can borrow cosmetics and home appliances free of charge, as well as use the free Wi-Fi
With the Free Plan you can use the Lounge to your heart's content, and save both money and time!

On this website you can easily reserve a bus, inquire on seat availability as well as choose seats.
We also prepare special offers and campaigns, so be sure to check them out.
In this column we introduce great spots to go with night coaches as well as tips to make your time in the bus even more pleasant, so please have a look!
All of our staff prays for your trip to be wonderful. Please look forward to a pleasant trip with VIP LINER's highway busses!

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