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[VIP LINER] Reservation Site

VIP LINER is Japan's leading operator of high-speed, intercity sleeper bus

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Visitor of corporation

Dial 049-253-7758 for exclusive use of VIP Lounge Map


Business hours 6:00 - 11:00/13:00 - 24:00
Address Yamagin Bldg 4F, 1-12-11 Nishishinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
TEL 03-6279-0558
About inquiry over telephone
... may be hard to be connected at 21:00. Guidance to VIP Lounge, please use "VIP Lounge Map automatic sound guidance".
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  • List of charges
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Cosmetic & beauty household appliances rental for free
Comics corner
About the use of cloakroom
Taking care of is not possible custody of baggage for closing for from 11:00 to 13:00.
About the key to suitcase spot
When it is lost, we charge key 500 yen as key charges
Specifically, it is this

Service introduction of Shinjuku VIP LOUNGE

  • Bread sale
  • Free charge area
  • Blanket rental service

Various service introductions common throughout all stores

  • Cloakroom service
  • Temporary custody service on that day

Option plan selling in Shinjuku VIP Lounge

Souvenir which we are selling

  • Tokyo strawberry chocolate Daifuku
    (entering 18)
    540 yen

  • Edo downtown area Monjayaki rice cracker, box (entering two pieces of *11 bag)
    540 yen

  • The Tokyo Skytree
    Cheese crepe roll (entering 12) 700 yen

  • The Tokyo Skytree Cheese & chocolate cake (entering 18) 860 yen

  • The Tokyo Skytree Chocolate tip cookie (entering ten pieces) 1,060 yen

  • The Tokyo Skytree rangudosha (entering 32 pieces) 1,080 yen

  • The Tokyo Skytree Brightness chocolate crunch (entering 12) 860 yen of night sky

List of charges

  • You can use armamentarium of VIP Lounge ※Some pay space is excluded
  • Rate is rate per one
  • We do not accept advance reservations. Apply for national staff after voice credit on the day
  • You may have to wait by the congestion situation. As repayment of the case cannot support, please note beforehand
  • Child who is lower than primary schoolchild is limited to the use by protector company.
  • Your companion of visitor using VIP LINER is available in 300 yen /1h.
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The general use 600 yen /1h 300 yen /1h Close 300 yen /1h 600 yen /1h
On Get Off day
Free of charge Close 300 yen /1h 600 yen /1h
In Boarding day
Use (※ 1)
300 yen /1h Close Free of charge
In Boarding day
300 yen /1h Close 300 yen /1h Free of charge
Free plan 980 yen Close 980 yen
(please leave at closing time.)

※1. We become only person who had you make a reservation from VIP LINER site.


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