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Osaka VIP Lounge

VIP LINER is Japan's leading operator of high-speed, intercity sleeper bus

  • Highway bus reservation
  • Bus tour reservation
  • VIP Lounge
  • Reservation hostel wasabi
  • Nail salon lupine
  • Cat miracle in Nagoya-shi Kanayama Station 5-minute walk
  • Hotels reservation
  • Reserved bus reservation
  • han*chubun

Vacant seat search

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2We choose Boarding day

  • Departure

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3We choose the number of people

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Customer of corporation

Dial 049-253-7758 for exclusive use of VIP Lounge Map


Guidance on the year-end and New Year business hours and holiday
I am so sorry, but it should be business hours for the year-end and New Year suspension of business especially.
As business end time, business start time vary according to each store, please confirm in the following table.
Very I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding.
※We usually become sales people from Friday, January 4 when until Sunday, December 30.

December 31Until 11:00Until 11:00Until 9:00Until 9:30Until 9:30Until 9:00
January 1-2 daysSuspension of business
January 3From 15:00From 15:00From 15:00From 15:00From 15:00From 21:00

Business hours 6:30 - 11:00/13:00 - 23:30
Address Chiyoda Bldg Nishibekkan 1F, 2-5-8 Umeda Kita-ku Osaka-shi Osaka
TEL 06-6341-6355
About inquiry over telephone
For from 12:00 to 15:00, ... may be hard to be connected at 21:00. Guidance to VIP Lounge, please use "VIP Lounge Map automatic sound guidance".
  • We see MAP
  • List of charges
  • We read sketch
  • We confirm Twitter
Cosmetic & beauty household appliances rental for free
About the use of cloakroom
Because business hours are changed from Sunday, October 1, custody, taking care of of baggage is not possible during from 11:00 to 13:00. Please be careful.
About the key to suitcase spot
When it is lost, we charge key 500 yen as key charges
For more details, it is this
The time required from each station
JR Osaka: Approximately ten minutes
Hankyu Umeda: Approximately 20 minutes
Midosuji Line Umeda: Approximately 12 minutes
Higashiumeda: Approximately 15 minutes
※It is approximate time ※You have you confirm map on the use beforehand, and come having margin for bus seat-load time.

↓Reservation to nail salon is this↓

Nail salon reservation /Lupinus with VIP LINER Get On privilege
Of use of Lounge one hour and baggage custody [Naniwa plan]

Service introduction of Osaka VIP Lounge

  • Shower room
  • Towel rental service
  • Blanket rental service
  • Bread sale

Various service introductions common throughout all stores

  • Cloakroom service
  • Temporary custody service on that day

Option plan selling in Osaka VIP Lounge

Souvenir which we are selling

  • Takoyaki taste not to perform of rain jacket prawns
    540 yen

  • Calbee Kansai Takoyaki taste
    860 yen

List of charges

  • You can use armamentarium of VIP Lounge ※Some pay space is excluded
  • Rate is rate per one
  • We do not accept advance reservations. On the day apply for national staff after calling
  • You may have to wait by the congestion situation. As refund of the case cannot support, please note beforehand
  • Child who is lower than primary schoolchild is limited to the use by protector company.
  • Your companion of customer using VIP LINER is available in 300 yen /1h.
5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
The general use 600 yen /1h 300 yen /1h Close 300 yen /1h 600 yen /1h
On Get Off day
Free of charge Close 300 yen /1h 600 yen /1h
In Boarding day
Use (※ 1)
300 yen /1h Close Free of charge
In Boarding day
300 yen /1h Close 300 yen /1h Free of charge
Free plan rate ▼
In the morning advantageous three hours plan
(※ 2)
1,000 yen Close
Lunch profit free plan 1,200 yen Close 1,200 yen
Free plan 1,500 yen Close 1,500 yen

※1. It becomes only one that you made a reservation of from VIP LINER site.

※2.[in the morning advantageous three hours plan] is plan to be available for three hours between the time mentioned above.


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