Osaka VIP Lounge is New waiting room of the bus equipped with powder room

  • Osaka VIP Lounge
  • Osaka VIP Lounge

Osaka VIP Lounge

Use of Lounge in VIP LINER getting on and off car changed

Subscribing (free) is necessary for the use of VIP Lounge after bus Get Off downloading of VIP Lounge Official application from November 1, 2022.
Registration of all the people used as well as representative is necessary. I would like registration beforehand.

The details, downloading of VIP Lounge application is this

※In some android terminal, we may not download under the influence of version.
On the day customer who cannot download, please offer so to national staff.
We guide to be just available.

Osaka VIP Lounge information

Business Hours
Chiyoda Bldg Nishibekkan 1F, 2-5-8 Umeda Kita-ku Osaka-shi Osaka
About inquiry over telephone
  • Cancellation to make a reservation of bus in my Phone Number did not hear change.
  • ... may be hard to be connected at closing time, 21:00. Guidance to VIP Lounge, please use "VIP Lounge Map automatic sound guidance".
About the use of cloakroom
Please note that custody, taking over of baggage is not possible at closing time.
About the key to suitcase spot
If you lost the key, you will have to pay 550 yen of key charge.
Click here for more details
Under VIP Lounge Official application delivery! Cosmetic beauty appliances free rental How to use VIP Lounge after getting off from VIP LINER Hands-Free Travel service [Japan.hands free travel] It is aroma BUS de AROMA by fragrant bus experience bus Oneself is esthetician

The time required from each station

JR Osaka: About ten minutes/Hankyu Umeda: About 20 minutes/Midosuji Line Umeda: About 12 minutes/Higashiumeda: About 15 minutes

  • It is approximate time.
  • Please confirm the map beforehand and take extra time coming to the Lounge for boarding.


  • Usage, price is changed from November 1, 2022, and sign-in (free) of VIP Lounge Official application is necessary.
  • Check here for how to use VIP Lounge using application after getting off from VIP LINER
  • This indicates the price per person.
  • Able to use all facilities of VIP Lounge ※excluding paid-use space
  • We do not accept reservations in advance. Please tell the Lounge staff on the day of use.
  • You might have to wait when the room is crowded. Please note that we could not do refund for those occasions.
  • Children in primary school and younger can use only with a companion of a guardian.

Price guidance from November 1, 2022

In the case of the use, people of making a reservation are charged a fee in arrival day from agency site and become the general use and the price.
※In the case of the general use, we may have time until entering a shop by the congestion situation. Thank you for your understanding.
Entrance after 9am until 11am is free. Additional charge for the first one hour is 330 yen and after that, 330 yen per 30 minutes will be charged.
In the case of the use, in the of making a reservation, it is the use by VIP Lounge application in making a reservation from VIP LINER official site in Boarding day free from non-registration, agency site from 20:00. ※There is a charge for the use before 20:00 and becomes the general use and the price.

Package price (※)

Shower plan

25 minutes for shower + 35 minutes use of Lounge (bath towel provided)
For more information:

880 yen

Naniwa plan

One use of Lounge one hour + baggage custody
For more information:

1,100 yen

Two hours package

1,100 yen

Three hours package

1,650 yen

Please leave at closing time.


  • Reception procedure may vary depending on different Lounges.
  • Please show the application during check-in as it would not be valid after reception.

Payment method in VIP Lounge

You can choose the following payment method other than cash in VIP Lounge.

Credit card

  • VISA
  • Mastercard®
  • JCB
  • American Express
  • UnionPay (ginren)
  • Diners Club
  • Discove

The QR cord settlement

  • Alipay
  • WeChat Pay
  • d payment
  • PayPay
  • LINE Pay
  • au PAY

Electronic money

  • Apple Pay
  • iD
  • QUICPay
  • Kitaca: JR Hokkaido
  • Suica: JR East
  • PASMO: Kanto private railroad, bus
  • toICa: JR Central
  • manaca: Nagoya district private railroad
  • SUGOCA: JR Kyushu
  • nimoca: Nishi-Nippon Railroad others
  • We do not run already: Fukuoka-shi Traffic Bureau
  • ※PiTaPa (Kansai private railroad others) is not available.