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Shiki ⇔ Nagoya | VIP LINER Nagoya 3rd

VIP LINER is Japan's leading operator of high-speed, intercity sleeper bus

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VIP LINER Nagoya 3rd (3seat-row)

VIP LINER Nagoya 3rd (3seat-row)

  • Reliable on-board toilet.♪
  • Patent pending Memory Foam Airy Sofa
  • Privacy curtain completely equipped on all side.
  • Two pieces of blankets are with low-elasticity mini-pillow♪
Waiting room of bus of new form, VIP Lounge

Nagoya soot female pot

Vacant seat confirmation, reservation is this

Spacious 3seat-row with toilet [Seat-Designation]
Last Row 4seat-row independence Seat with toilet [Seat-Designation]

Service route guidance

[the Shiki → Kanayama Station north exit] Service company: HEISEI ENTERPRISE

[Tadashi Kanayama THU → Shiki] Service company: HEISEI ENTERPRISE

Word-of-mouth communication

※About electric Seat is careful※

Electric Seat of VIP LINER Nagoya 3rd does not have TV monitor. Thank you for your understanding.

<VIP LINER carries out idling stop>

Heisei Enterprise use eco-friendly idle-reduction, meaning our buses turn off engine at the stop.
Please understand that the following features is not available when engine is turned off:

・Electric seat control is unusable until the engine is restarted.

Figure of VIP LINER Nagoya 3rd Seat
Guidance of Seat
Seat type Spacious 3seat-row (The last row has 4 seat)
The number of seats 10 rows of 3 seat, total 28 seats
Recline Normal 140 degrees
Last Row: 130 degrees
Seat width 46cm (not including armrest)
Seat interval About 88cm
Leg rest All seat equipment
Footrest Standard features
Not available for the foremost seats.
  • Nagoya 3rd vehicle
  • Introspectiveness
  • 1A [1A] Doorway rear Seat ★★
  • 1B [1B] The front row center Seat
  • 1C,2C [1C,2C] Rank up Seat ★★★★★
  • 1C [1C] Driver's seat rear Seat ★★★★★
  • 2A - 9C [2A - 9C] ★★★
  • 6C [6C] Restroom rear Seat ★★★★★

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Please try. We put Electric Back-Shell Seat on rank up Seat!

Facilities and amenity

Low-elasticity memory foam is used on this double cushion Airy-Sofa for extra comfort. A great seat for travelling long distance.
Private Curtain
Private Curtain
Secure your privacy with curtains on both side of the seat.
Full amenity
Full amenity
A large size blanket, a waist pillow and a low-elasticity mini-pillow.
Equipped with restroom
Equipped with restroom
Toilet is available on the bus.

Guidance of rest room

Front shading curtain
Front shading curtain
Large curtain is equipped in front of the car. This way passengers can comfortably spend time at night.
Shade to cover head with is set up by seat of the center line (B line). You can spend comfortably without minding in one via passage.
We prepare hanger only for seat on the window side.

VIP LINER deployment safety device

  • Mobil eye
    When the danger of collision approaches, alarm is sounded beforehand to help driver prevent collision.
  • Safe mark
    Drive recorder
    We install Drive recorder in our all buses and use for the company education, enlightenment aiming at accident prevention.
  • Safe mark
    Digital service recorder (dejitako)
    We can confirm whether driver observes the regulation speed, break by analyzing memory card easily and use for safety management such as accident prevention.
  • Sleepiness detection sensor "FEELythm"
    Sleepiness detection sensor "FEELythm"
    We detect sleepiness state from pulse wave information that we acquired from sensor which we attached to ear of driver, and the person and service manager can confirm in real time.

The details about approach of security are this

Person to see this bus sees such a bus.